Thursday, December 27, 2018

Heavy Hitter!

These massive heavy weapon teams always pose a lot of challenges.  Just assembling the artillery piece is difficult enough!

The next challenge is to get everything placed on a base and make it look like the team is actually interacting with the weapon.  Having the limber in as well means that even the largest bases can seem like a tight squeeze.

It can also depend on what poses you have on the miniatures.  On more than one occasion I have taken some of the plastic boxed set figures and converted them into a more useful pose.  Fortunately there were enough poses to choose from, including one that really looked like he was interacting with the limber.

I used a lot of my home made grass, shrub and flower tufts here.  Here's a link to a previous post showing how that was done:

I really enjoy these projects, as they are playable dioramas!  Positioning everything so that it looks good from any angle is another hidden challenge.

As I paint and flock these, I try to keep in mind the areas which would be trampled more, and the foliage worn away.

I also have a few other heavy artillery pieces under way... all for our early war games.  The German Heavy Howitzer is nearly complete.

This might be used in my next video battle report, where the town of Nouvion will be front and center!  You can check out some of the earlier video reports on the YouTube channel: