Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Flames of Fury

After realizing that I never posted the finished images of the Charging Stations, I remembered that the Flames of War Easy Eight needed to be photographed as well.

So, here it is!

I am looking forward to painting much more of this in 2015!!

My own personal force right now will be the 82nd Airborne.  Lots of jeeps, infantry and such.

Here's a size comparison with the Memoir '44 Shermans.

And now for a few different backdrops...

Stay tuned for more!!

Check out the size of that thing!

Sorry... couldn't resist that!

Here are some shots of those two massive rhinos from Mierce Miniatures.

I also wanted to see what the two different colors looked like next to each other.

A number of these colors have to fit into an overall army palette.

These ended up being all natural/earth tones.

It's been fun to continue to explore that color range... both on these guys and the Wild West Exodus figures.

Speaking of earth tones... now we see them on the Hangar 18 large backdrop.

It's amazing how different they look depending on the backdrop in question!

I have some shots of all six rhinos together on this backdrop that I will post later...

The human sized figure in this image is pretty hefty... about 30mm scale.  That gives you an idea about how freaking huge these bad boys are!

I hope you have been enjoying the Creature posts!!