Saturday, November 28, 2015

Deadly Music

In my last Secret Weapon post, I mentioned that I had done some conversions of the RAV 6 x 6 in order to fill out my Sisters of Battle army.
In this case, I constructed an Exorcist tank with some plasticard and other random bits.
You can see one of them in this view... a chunk of Rhino control panel, I believe.

To create the 'pipe organ' feel, I chopped up a bunch of plasticard pieces to lay out in a keyboard pattern.

Another Rhino control panel bit above the keys.

I made a sponson for the spotlight out of the cardboard from a blister pack.  Yes, it was a real collection of refuse that I utilized to create that turret!

This turret could be removed and placed on any of the chassis.  Most of the time, it was placed in the tank with the armor skirts to give it the heavier armor presence.

I don't think that I even got a chance to shoot the pipe organ in any of the tournament games, which was a bummer!  It certainly looked quite dangerous...

Still, the project itself was very fun!

You will also recognize some of the freehand, which I have used on banners, armor skirts, and even the floor of the Great Basilica!

Once again, some Sisters for scale.  I have a huge amount of Raging Heroes Sisters of Battle under way, and I can't wait to have some group shots of those with these fantastic vehicles. 
Oh yeah, and I also have two more of these painted up as well.  Stay tuned!

Light the Way

I converted this Sisters of Battle Icon Bearer for my Adepticon tournament army a few years ago.

I used a few Empire Flagellant bits to create the banner, and then had some fun using my fluorescent paint to create the OSL effect.

She's also here: