Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Nuns With Guns: Part 2

Here's a few more images from the second Raging Heroes campaign.

Having painted a number of the Sci-fi Blood Vestals, I am familiar with these kinds of dynamic poses that the super talented sculptors are capable of creating!

They have also managed to put more and more expression into the figure's faces, as evidenced by this pose.  As if the faces were not already sculpted superbly... now we get a range of expressions too!

I will be curious to see how the beads play out in the casts.  I remember that many test casts were made for the original TGG figures, especially in the regular trooper boxes.  Things like helmets and weapons underwent a few reworks to make sure the proportions were OK, but that the casting process could also be efficient.

Elegant and very dangerous!!!

These last few images will get you some close up details...

Now this is going to be one massively impressive Inquisitor!!!

And I shall conclude with this, because my words can only detract from it.

Oh... my...

The Sun Knight

It's been a while since I've gotten a chance to paint Gold NMM armor, so this figure really did the trick!

I also chose to have the cloak be a deep purple shade, which is a very nice contrast with the Golds.  Mixing the purple with a very intense yellow creates all sorts of great mid tone shades!

As part of the Painting Pyramid series, I created a video in Gold NMM:

That's available here:

He's also here: