Monday, February 29, 2016


Now for a peek at some of the Galadhrim cavalry.  They served me quite well, despite being very few in number.

Once I paired them up with Gwaihir, their effectiveness went through the roof.

Gwaihir would fly over the top of a line of orcs in order to remove any spear or pike bonuses that might be used against the cavalry charging from the front.

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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Mad Dog!!

More doggies!  I am really digging the black fur with the armor tones!

While I enjoyed painting the red ones, this has been a nice break from that.

The wolves you are seeing here are all metal, and the details have been nice and solid.

Stay tuned for more!

Swarms and Scavengers

With the first tournament just a few hours away for the reborn Empire of Dust, we see some last minute adjustments.  That is in the form of Swarms, which have an all important trait of Vanguard. 

Not only have I witnessed the importance of such a trait in a number of battle reports, but I have felt the sting of massed amounts of vanguard units standing on the center line of the table before I have even had a turn!

I had already added two such units... a Scorpion husk and a Swarm regiment.  Some carrion bases were left over from a bygone age, so they were repurposed with some Reaper BONES figures.

This one is mostly painted.  I think it had been 2-3 years since I had last painted these kinds of bases for the original army.

The Eye of the Chaos God still watches over the lands of the Ahmuntites.  Just as with all the other movement trays, the glyphs warn that "All those who enter the Tomb Cities of Pseusennes shall suffer a fate worse than death".

The original broken columns were carved from baked sculpey, and then cast so that I would not have to spend many more hours doing the same thing over and over!

These swarms will take the place of the Screaming Skull catapult on the old army board, which will finally be used again!!  Very excited about that.

The old Carrion Birds didn't sit on a tray in the original configuration, but I will leave them that way now.

This is one of my favorite scenes on the army board.  I will take some new images later in the week and fashion a new post for you.

We shall see if this third vanguard unit offers any help.  It was exchanged (and a Bone Giant as well) for a pricey Guardian warrior unit which did nothing but get in the way until it died.  This will give me one additional drop, and a monster that can actually charge into the terrain and do some damage.

The nerve value and defense are higher, so I am also hoping the combination of these two new units makes it possible for me to stay in the same area code as the nastier tourney armies that will be at Draxtar this Sunday for the Adepticon Primer.

Wish me luck!  Gonna need it.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Notching an arrow

More Galadhrim elves for you!

I didn't have many archers in the army, usually only three or four at most.  The army was centered around the magic users, utilizing the wind blast spell.  Knock down the enemy and use the fast eagles and cavalry to pounce on them while they are down!

This worked quite well time and again.  Having the eagles to fly over the mass of bodies and hit them from the other side didn't always cause lots of damage, but it would tie those guys up when they did get up again, leaving those in the front to continue with the beat down.

Howling at the Moon

It's been a while since I have posted a Privateer Press figure, so I thought I would get back into that range by showing you a little different color scheme on the Oboros doggies.

Previously, all the dogs have been painted in various shades of deep red.  I had a lot of fun doing the dark grey/black color scheme!!

That neutral color really set off the red and gold armor quite nicely!

I painted three of the wolves in this color set, so stay tuned!

Friday, February 26, 2016

A fire in the Jungle

Something new emerges from the Jungle... fierce and brimming with fire.  That is the Salamanders from Kings of War by Mantic!

The Salamanders join the Trident Realms as the two new lines of miniatures added to the range.  Here are some views of the sprues, which come with a number of options.

You can create a hand weapon with shield, or a two handed Salamander for additional crushing strength.  There are also some extras on the sprue, such as little flames and a flaming banner.

There are enough heads and arms to create lots of variation.

This package contains the leg/torso base, as well as more weapon options.  Most of these are the two handed variety.

Here's one more look at the bodies and the arms.

Now for a look at the first painted Salamander!!  He's on a 25mm base.

I went with more of a traditional color scheme on this first figure, but many others are planned!

I am rendering the shoulder pads as a tortoise shell, so they will be a slightly different color from the rest of the scales.

The views from above show the base and the paper foliage.  When I start doing the multibased units, I will try to have them advancing across a jungle landscape which has been partially burned.  I will also paint some of the weapons glowing orange as well.

I'm really looking forward to creating a Salamander army based around these figures!  I already have a number of the beasties from my old army.  More are on the way, so stay tuned!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Dug In

This is the first of the completed French artillery teams!  I wanted to test out some things with the foliage, so I began with one of the less complicated basings.  

The green leaf foliage is from Hangar 18 miniatures, which is normally intended to be more of an ivy.  However, at 1/100 scale, it looks like full sized leaves!

That's the ironic challenge here.  Most of my foliage is designed for 28mm or larger figures, so I knew this scale could potentially restrict my choices.  The grass tufts are from Gamers Grass at Kings Hobbies and Games.  

There is a brand new product from Gamers Grass that will be perfect for this scale.  They will look like large bushes or even saplings when added to some of my finer tree branches.  I can't wait to try those!

Much more to come!  I am painting up a number of these, including a few with the ruined buildings, so stay tuned!

The Skulls shall scream

As part of the overall design of my display board for the old Tomb Kings army, I created this Screaming Skull Catapult.  The sphinxes which serve as a mount for the mechanism reflect the statues that were made for the above ground level of that board.

I used some balsa wood to create the uprights and the catapult arm itself.  All that remained was to add LOTS of skulls :-)

Here's a better view of what was added to the ground to fill out that space.

I couldn't resist adding the carrion bird, and painting it like the carrion in my full sized units!

It's unlikely that I will ever use this warmachine in anything but huge games, but who knows... it might appear in the new campaigns by the Ahmuntites in their quest to take bake what was theirs!!

Stay tuned...

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Forest Guardian

We return to Middle Earth with the angriest elves around!  Back when I was playing Lord of the Rings on a regular basis, I created the Knights of the Blood Rose.

These were elves who refused to leave Middle Earth to the race of Men.  They had been there far too long to simply shuffle off to the Grey Havens and leave it all behind.

They were also heavily engaged in warfare with the Easterlings.

Typical LOTR tournaments of the time had you bringing both a Good and Evil army, which you would play three times each during the tournament.  This was actually a very fun format, and I enjoyed it very much!

My favorite tournament of all time was a six game LOTR bash that saw my Elves and eagles as Good, and my Easterling/Khandish alliance as my Evil.

There are a number of articles on the creation of both armies, and the army board "Fortress Falls".

I am still adding to all of it, putting in spiders and Morghul Knights on the evil side, with more eagles on the good side.

He's also here: