Friday, August 15, 2014

Skellies and pointy sticks

For such an inconsequential unit, this one took just as much, if not more work than the Stalker and Necro Knight units.  Each of the archers was placed in a unique pose, which took some serious puzzle solving just to get two ranks!

As you can see, I painted all the Demon marble on each base, and did the same hieroglyphs on the outer edge of the movement tray.

Each of the skeletons was painted with unique colors, and even their bones changed colors!  Of course, their eyes glowed with a sickly green hue...

I have some step by steps of the skeletons here:

In fact, a number of videos from the painting series were developed during this project.  Terrain pieces, this demon marble, painting skeletons, fluorescent colors, and more!

Just as it was with the Dark Eldar, this was a massive laboratory.  A crucible for testing and perfecting dozens of techniques.

Much more to come!