Thursday, September 25, 2014

Bone Saw

This chainsaw totin' gal is from the Reaper Bones line.  She is definitely hunting Zombies!

As usual, not a bad mini for the cost, and indestructible to boot.

She joins Disco Stu, a fellow Reaper Bones zombie hunter.

And Ranger Rick!

The Green Tide

There's been lots of German tanks up to this point, but Memoir '44 is also about the United States.  So, a bit of painting on some Shermans.

Completing the shaded basecoat, as usual

Some dusty tracks!

Let's glaze!  Sepia for a start.

Then a mix of green wash, black wash, brown liner and green liner.

At this point, I took some of the brown and green liner to reinforce some of the deepest shadows.

Glazing is done, so now it's time to work into those midtones.

This is where I create the most depth.  I mixed regular paint colors with the glazes, and created some glazes that were more of a warmer, or yellow green... and the same with a more blueish green.

Those opposing midtone colors create more interest than the same flat green color everywhere.  Even if there is a lot of shading, if there is no variety in these colors, it will seem more 'fake'.

I think this view shows that. You can see the cooler greens on the turret and the surfaces around it, with some warmer colors on the leading edges of the tank.

Time for some symbols!  I went for more of an early war set of markings.

Just about done!!