Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Narissa Blackwater, Dwarf Necromancer

Here's another figure from the Stonehaven Dwarf kickstarter!  She is Narissa Blackwater.
Revenge is Narissa's most powerful motivator, she prefers keeping her allies on edge and often nurtures a sadistic side for this sole purpose.  Narissa Blackater is quiet but calculating, preferring to watch others fail before she offers her insight.

The book is an extra bit also made by Stonehaven, one of a few little extra pieces sculpted and cast to spice up your miniature!
I had some fun making her sword glow, and adding some interesting colors, such as a light purple, to certain parts of the armor...

The base was made by Dragonforge.

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If you are interested in learning some of the techniques I have used to paint the Dwarves, I have a series of painting videos which are now available through my own Kickstarter:

Close ups on the Temple of Blood!

Here's those close ups I promised!  These will give you a better idea of hat some of the tile designs looked like, and the Ivy as well.  As you can see in these images, that Woodland Scenics product was really amazing!!!

This was certainly a very colorful project.  The new version was not quite as bright as this one...

Some of the Temple Guardians!  Some old style metal lizzies!

Let's not forget those clever Skinks!