Thursday, January 23, 2014

Plinth towers

OK folks, more plinths from Secret Weapon Miniatures.  There are some groups of plinths, such as these three, which let you do some interesting things with multiple figures.

As before, I didn't put any flock, leaves or static grass on them so you can see what they look like with just paint.

I kept that simple as well.  There is a full post showing all of the collection prior to washing, etc. in the Secret Weapon products section.

The bigger plinth is 40mm.

The smaller plinths are 25mm... fitting that size base perfectly as well!

Have fun!

A little ointment here, please?

The Rotters have now comcluded.  Just a few more posts to go!  Here's one showing the last Orc.  He's definitely in some rough shape!

I have been looking forward to the Warriors, which have been under way for a while.  Quite the shells on those guys!

Away we go!