Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Blood 'n Guts

I don't think there is any contest for which video wins the "Most Fun" to film award! :-)

This was an absolute blast.  The materials were relatively simple for doing the special effect on this Raging Heroes Gluttony figure.

Here's the mini prior to its blood treatment.

Another sample 'sketch' to show the primary ways to do the effective blood splatters.

Time to paint the Secret Weapon body parts!

Almost ready for the blood on the base!

Meanwhile, we need some blood on those guts!

Blood everywhere!  Even on the palette.

Bloody base!

Gooey blood...

Blood effects finished, and the figure attached to the base.

Group Hug...

As I mentioned yesterday, one of the things I was trying to do with the Ultraforge Demon was show how you can transfer a color scheme between two similar, but yet radically different, figures.

In this case, it was using the same color scheme as the Raging Heroes Mantis Warriors.  Obviously, the little gals did not have wings, but there were enough surfaces that could be repeated.

I did the armor in a similar set of colors as the claw/hoof sections of the Mantis warriors.

The spots on the wings were a lot of fun.  On the little 28mm figures, all I could do was the much smaller set of spots and such...

There they are!  More pics of the finished Pleasure Demon from Ultraforge when I can add in the final details!