Thursday, May 23, 2013

Painting some Zombicide figures at CMON Expo

Well, you don't need me to tell you about Zombicide. :-)  Heck, everyone else knew about it long before I did!  But, there are probably a lot less painted versions of the Z-Cide figures floating around.  

I will be posting a few images of some paint and take figures I did at the CMON Expo.

Cathy, Randall, Sabrina, Rhonda, Eddie, myself and others had lots of fun painting around the table all day and into the night.  I painted most of this zombie lady during those paint sessions.

When we returned home, I added the newspapers and the skulls which are from Secret Weapon.  Those skulls are fantastic, and they come in a nice big baggie.  You will see them on many of the Painting Video figures.  It can be hard to come by extra GW skulls, and I have just about exhausted my supply.

So, Secret Weapon to the rescue!

Cathy also brought something back home, despite the looks it got at the airport as she hauled it on the plane as a carry on. :-)

It is pretty wild to think about how many figures are in this box!

Some of my extras that I painted at the CMON expo will likely find their way onto the bottom levels of my new army board, down in the underhive!

The character cards were fun, and the board sections are really amazing!  I had never seen any of these items in person before.

They look like dancing bears right now, but eventually they will be painted.  I know Sabrina painted a very cool Bruce Willis at CMON Expo...


More zombies to come!!!

Painting with fire... the Golem continues.

We proceed with the Fiery Golem!  At this point, we have gone through all the stages that involved the fluorescent paints.

Abima, Master of Fire, has led you well thus far!

The next color applied is Vallejo Cavalry Red.  Just as with the other layers, this one is placed with the large filbert brush, and allowed to mix a bit with the previous layers.

The entire miniature gets this treatment...

Next, I mixed a chocolate brown color with a blue-green so that we can start to cool down this lava!  The brown keeps the mixture from getting too grey too quickly.

You can see how this is not just darkening the non-hot lava areas.  It really does cool down the surfaces that are in contact with the air...

Once that is applied everywhere, we have to think about our darkest shadows.

Here is a closer view...

And from another angle.  I also took some orange glaze and toned down some of the brighter underlying yellows here and there, so that certain sections would stand out more, instead of everything being equally bright!

I used some dark washes of hard body black and blue-black, especially on the base and the biggest chunks of "cooled lava".

The end result of that series of washes and glazes...

At this point, I start to mix in a seafoam green color with some black in order to get a cool grey.  I concentrate most of the lightest lights on the base, the fingers, and the shoulders.

Stay tuned for the final conclusion!!!

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