Thursday, March 14, 2019

Bloody Knights

One of the units that I want to have for my Adpeticon tournament army is the Flayed Men, and I have been working on them along with the rest of the Lannisters.  I am painting the unit using oil paints, and the Mig Ammo Oilbrushers.

Those are especially helpful in working on units like this, where there are a lot of muted colors, but you are still trying to get a lot of variation in those tones.  For instance, all the 'skin' they are wearing can be made a wider variety of tones, instead of just one level of 'pink' or red.

I was able to have a wide range of cooler reds, lighter tans, and everything in between, because the oil paints let me blend colors together in a very simple way.  Just place a few blobs of paint on the surface, grab a fresh brush, and blend them together!

I also added some blood effects using the Badger Airbrush Fresh Blood Ghost Tint.  It is very glossy, translucent and extremely vibrant.  You can see that I also added a few drops to the snow, which I was really looking forward to doing.

I am also recording a "hard copy" tutorial video for the Patreon Page.  This will show how the process plays out, including the snow and blood effects.  That should be up before we head off to Adepticon:

Here's a link to the live session!  Be sure to subscribe so that you get notifications the next time I do an At the Workbench live tutorial...