Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Conversion Corner

When we first started to play Bolt Action, the Axis players were getting confused about the Laffly transports and the two pintle mounted MMG's they carried.  Lines of sight were trickier then in first edition, so to prevent more 'conversations', I thought I would try to put the guns on the vehicle.

I found some extra bits from the British sprues, and mounted them on a piece of poylstyrene tubing.  At that time, it mattered if there was a group of passengers on the transport, so each gun not only swiveled, it could also be removed.

It took a while to determine where these guns should be placed, since the bast majority of photos and drawings are of the WTC 15 Tank Hunter, which showed it on the roof of the cab.  The best locations seemed to be where I have them.

I took a Warlord metal French figure that was loading a gun, and carved away that rifle and the hands.  Using hands from the British sprue, I attempted to make it seem as if he was about to grab the MMG.

The Laffly truck is from Mad Bob's Miniatures, by the way.

Here's the same set with the initial layers of paint, prior to glazing.  It gives you a better sense of how this will all look!

Here's the Mad Bob's Miniatures site, and all the fun stuff that's available!