Friday, October 26, 2018

The GreatJon

This GreatJon figure from the Song of Ice and Fire miniatures game was painted in oils, using mostly the Mig Ammo Oilbrushers.  It was a lot of fun to do various blending of colors, etc. a few hours after the paint had been applied to the figure.

The idea behind the use of oils is to make it easier to work on large batches of figures at the same time, as the figures themselves become the palette!  This will allow me to work my way through an army more quickly, but still get the same kind of subtle color transitions as I might on a single figure.

In fact, this figure was painted at the same time I was working on the Winter Soviet Bolt Action minis.

One of my favorite features of the Song of Ice and Fire minis are the weapons.  These are well cast from a stiffer plastic, which means they are very strong,  and have little to no clean up!  Practically a perfect weapon every time.

I am creating tutorial videos for each of the Stark and Lannister special characters, focusing on the basing and individual aspects of the clothes, faces, etc.  These will become available to the Patrons on the Patreon page: