Friday, February 22, 2013

Fun with giant bases...sculpey and bits

Here's a crazy quilt of colors and materials for you!  Lots of baked sculpey (the black and green materials), along with some extra thick road cork courtesy of Cathy's Dad!

You can see the big pile of sculpey shavings.  I put a casualty on one of the bases for fun.

Lots of oxide paste helped fill in the gaps, and gave me a nice glue to place all the rocks and gravel!

I topped things off with some chopped up vehicle bits.

Next step... painting!!!

Leonard is very stylish with his new bow tie...

Some bases for the Konigsberg sisters

On a day when Raging Heroes show us the most amazing mounted character I have ever seen, I wanted to post something that has been in progress for a bit.  Here are some marble bases made for the Konigsberg Sisters.

They were done in the usual cork and sculpey method.  This image shows a few additional bases prior to their dark glazes.

Now they have been shaded a bit darker in some areas.  The weathering powders will be applied when I attach the miniature.

Here's the miniature, waiting for some finishing touches.

Here's an image of that mounted character!  Is that not the most amazing thing you have ever seen?

Be sure to check out their site!!!

Looks like Softy is turning in early, snuggling into her favorite blanket...

Dark Elf Musician on Cold One from Gamezone

This is the last of the Dark Elf cold ones from Gamezone.  As you can see, they are a bit on the large size, compared to the GW versions...

The base is sculpted from Apoxy Sculpt.

The new Ultraforge Demon Prince unboxed.

Among the myriad of figures being assembled this week, there have been a few Ultraforge monsters that will be used for the painting videos.  This figure is the newest offering from Ultraforge, a Demon Prince which can be assembled a few different ways.

I chose to assemble this one as more of a Bloodthirster/Khorne.  You can see some of the alternate bits, such as the additional heads and the claws.  

It was really easy to get all the pieces put together, which was so nice!  The wings fit in place perfectly, so I didn't have to deal with pins and such...

The hand and armor pieces went on fine, with a little bit of green stuff in between the layers of glue to hold them in place as the glue took hold.

Everything put together!

Some liquid green stuff around the edges and seams, and it's ready to prime!

Here are some pictures from the Ultraforge site showing some of the other assembly options.

Combining the claws and heads can get you a Tzeentch or Slannesh quite easily...

Pretty wild!

The next step is to do the first color test/practice figure for the large monster video!