Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Playing in the snow...

Here's a mini that's been around for a while.  It was almost a candidate for the Standard Non Metallics video.  With all the snow I have been shoveling, I decided to include one of the bases from the Sculpting snow bases video!  We have about 8 more inches of that stuff coming our way...

It was a fun miniature, as all Reaper figs tend to be :-)

I tried something a little different on the hair this time.  Since there are so many ponytails, I thought it might be fun to work in as many color variations as possible.  There are greens, yellows, some purple, and so on.

Purple and yellow can make some interesting grayed down colors.  Some of that same purple ended up on the metal surfaces as well.  It was very fun!

She is also here:

Invasive species

In honor of the Zebra muscle invasive species that has affected the Great Lakes region of late, we have the next Warrior for the Nurgle Blood bowl team.

The slugs were unusual enough, but these guys are even more strange to paint :-)

Here he is with his buddy...

Two more of these guys to go!