Saturday, July 13, 2019

A great Case

The large Carrying case from TableWar has proven to be handy for a number of things.  I thought that the larger size would let me carry the bigger Creature Caster demons more safely at conventions...

The front door is transparent as usual, which means it is better at airports (the contents can be seen by looking at them as opposed to rummaging through them!).  It also has the side benefit of knowing who it belongs to by looking at the minis inside!

I didn't even notice the large try on the bottom when I first looked at it, but once I did, I put a bunch of different supplies in there to see how much it would hold.

I also thought that the Song of Ice and Fire movement trays might fit perfectly on the shelves, and that was correct.  Fitting three units on each level would be more than enough to get an army somewhere for a game... perhaps even some terrain included!

You can blue tack the trays to the shelves, or have the metal inserts and magnetize them.

Looks like the Free Folk are heading somewhere!

The bottom tray was more than large enough to howl all the terrain pieces, cards, dice, etc. that I would need for SoIaF.

It was even handy for a batch of Black Heart Models busts!  As I mentioned before, it would be no problem to blue tac these to the shelves, and get them where they needed to be safely.  Here's a link to the TableWar site:

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

I am King

I had a lot of fun working on the Jeoffrey Baratheon figure from the Song of Ice and Fire Miniatures Game!  He was painted in one of my "On the Workbench" episodes that you can watch here:

I try to break down the painting of all the miniatures into simpler steps... typically 5 sections.  The first discusses what materials are involved, and then it moves on to the initial glazing and Shaded Basecoat phase in part 2.

I want to work in the sketching of the Freehand design as early in the process as possible, for a few reasons.  If that design is sketched in at an earlier point, I have a lot more room to make adjustments!  Painting a complex freehand pattern over a surface that you have spent a lot of time working on can be daunting.

It can be so daunting, many folks don't even attempt the freehand, because they don't want to "mess up the figure"

I am the King!

This image also shows the basing of the figure, which was done with the Green Stuff World Texture rollers.

And a peek at the freehand design!

I will be doing tutorials on the rest of the King's Guard for the Patreon Page.

Even pledging at the $5 level can set you up with some very fun tutorials each month, and you also get a TON of content right away when you do sign up.  You can check that out here: