Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Look what just arrived! More Raging Heroes!

Look at the bounty that just arrived from Raging Heroes!  Yes!  A new supply of figures for the miniature painting kickstarter.  

There's a new supply of Blood Vestals, as well as some new Orc Warboss figures for the shaded basecoat video!

The figure in the lower right is Khan- Urkhan.

This picture gives you a better look at Syl-Iriah, Spirit of the Wood.  Both the Heroic and Legendary versions, with all these extra options!  Lance, Harp, magical staff, bow, and long swords.

A truly amazing miniature!!

And Cyberwolves.  Very nice stuff, which could make a very fun tutorial on fur, don't you think?

These are the most recent additions to the Raging Heroes line.  Meet the Kurganova Sisters and Charlie!
Kommander Malinka, Kaptain Ivanka, and Admiral Olga, along with all sorts of extras and options!!

And then we have the Von Konigsmark Sisters (Hildegard, Gretchen, and Brunhilde) along with Walter!
Once again, lots of options and extras!!

Of course, each one with spectacular detail, and excellent casting quality.  I can't wait to start prepping these for the videos!!

The rest of the Imperial Fist terminators!

Here we go!  The rest of the terminators!!

Lighting a candle for you...

Here's something fun for you.  It's a little exercise in making candles for your base.

I started out with a typical cork and sculpey base, but I wanted to make some candles to snazz it up.  I took some polystyrene tubing, and glued that to the sculpey.  An even thinner tube was placed on the tips for wicks.

To create the effect of melted wax, I used some liquid green stuff.  You could also use flex paste or even wood glue as a substitute.

I added a flame with a bit of regular green stuff...

Time to paint!  The image on the right shows the Vallejo Fluorescents in action.

This stage shows the marble tiles being painted, and some more shading on the candles.

The base is just about ready for some darker glazes!

Once the darker shading was complete, I added some orange highlights.  Now it's all ready for a miniature!!

Here's a video that I created for the Rivet Wars kickstarter: