Monday, October 10, 2016

The Queen of Reapercon

I thought you might like to see the final result of the leaf punch experiment, so here's a few images.  The leaves were sealed with layers of glue, and also the oil washes used to tint the leaves and bring out more texture.

This is a BONES mini, and I will be using this in the class where the Reaper clear paints are profiled.

You have seen me use those clear paints on a number of different projects and effects, from glows, to blood, and cloth.  I first introduced this idea at Reapercon last year, and it was decided then that I should do a class in that for Reapercon 2016!

The clear paints do amazing things as a glaze of tint when thinned with simple water, while they also make very nice semi-opaque colors when lightened with an opaque lighter color.  I have done this several times with cloth, etc., just like this lady.

These views from above show the nice contrast that those oil glazes provided to the leaves.  They would have looked nice as they were, but now there is a lot more depth, and mesh with the rest of the sculpted base quite well.

I realize that BONES minis don't have the sort of detail that the pewter versions might have, but perhaps the reduced cost encourages experimentation and the trying of new techniques and color schemes.  You don't feel like you are going to ruin a $30 figure or bust... so why not go nuts?

These figures will be prepped in advance of the classes, so that 100% of the time can be devoted to the experimentation with the clear paints.  If there was more time, I would like to do the shaded basecoat part as well.

So, not much time left!  As a reminder, I will be bringing along plenty of USB drives for all the painting videos.  I first brought those down least year, and it made life much easier... I could load whatever video people wanted as we painted and talked.  That was really cool!!

See me in the main hall at Fort Wappel, where all kinds of fun will be had.  Here's a quick sample video, one of 12 YouTube samples.  Each of the actual videos is 100 minutes long, and there are 53 different topics to choose from!