Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Blue Mile

More blue marble bases, which means there must be more Holy Order of Man figures on the way!!

This base is meant for a second Tumbler.

The two small bases are for additional Spica hired hands, while the medium sized base is for Mimreg Zain.

I am very glad that I chose to position broken pieces of columns and statues on the bases.  It gives them a slightly different feel than previous armies I have based in this manner.

There are only a few figures left to go before I can shoot some very grand army photos!

Stay tuned.

The tufts of many colors

Here's something new from Kings Hobbies and Games.  Tufts!!!  Tufts in all colors, for all seasons.

Here's a link:

I really love the color variety, since the number of genres I work in has expanded exponentially.

I have a number of jungle theme projects under way which will greatly benefit from the green sets.

This view gives you a sense of the height of the tufts.  There is a bit of difference from one tuft to the next, which is good.  Some are also more fluffy than others. 

With this many colors to choose from, I can now mix and match and blend tufts and foliage from other companies as well, which is not always easy for me to do right now.

Also, the size and shape of these tufts will come in very handy for the future Flames of War projects!!

I am very eager to use the front two colors in this image.  They should see action right away on a number of Wild West Exodus figures :-)

Finally, we have the winter tufts.  I will be using this in combination with the Army Painter winter tufts, and Secret Weapons crushed glass snow.  You have seen this kin d of experiment before on a small scale, but soon it will be tested on ever increasing scales!!

Stay tuned...