Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Altdorf in F-Cast

Unfortunately, the "F" in Finecast does not stand for "fantastic".  Frustrating would be the very kind and generous term.  I realize that people across the galaxy have been railing and grousing about this product since the day it crashed down upon our heads.  However, I must blow off a little steam here before I start putting pin vices through my brain.

One could understand that a new product could have 'issues' right off the bat.  

It has been a very long time now, with plenty of chances for improvement.  That has not been the case.  Everything that has come to me in the last month has been worse than the month before, and the month before that.  Truly shocking.  It does not have to be this way.

Tonight, which we are on the road, I will be doing more prep work on my shipment of Raging Heroes resin figures.  By themselves, these minis are nothing short of amazing.  When you compare the quality of those figures next to F-Cast, that "F" stands for something even less 'flattering'.

OK, sorry for the rant.  There will probably be many more.  But there will also be more pictures of minis!  

Reaper Elven Guardian

Here was a fun little vignette that I did a while back, using a Reaper figure.

The rocks were made from sculpey, using Cathy's technique of pressing real rocks into the unbaked sculpey.  Some dried foliage finished it off...

An example of SE-NMM, or Sky Earth Non Metallic metals.

Some more close ups...

Out of thin air... Dragyri Zephyrs

Here are some more miniatures from Dark Age Games.  These are Dragyri Air Caste Zephyrs.

Assembly was pretty tricky on these, but I could see them as possibly being a good substitute for Tzeentch flamers...

Hey...when your oven decides to break, that means it is time to break out the good ole' fashioned technology from 1966!

How else do you think Perry Mason cooked his tater tots at the office (prove to me that he ever went home)?