Friday, January 10, 2014

Some 'classics'... and Reapercon!

These old metal classics will always bring up fond memories.  While the casts were getting a bit rough due to age by this point, these were still interesting to paint.

I suppose it also reminds me of finding my way early on in my miniature painting.  Some of the first non Blood Bowl GW minis I painted were the old Grey Knights.

Those figures back in the day were my first attempts at non-metallic metals.  Yes, there was a time when I tried to use metallic paint. :-)  However, that was still in the context of sky earth.

I may do some experiments with the Valleko Metallic medium.  Perhaps I will mix that in with my usual SE-NMM colors and see what happens!!!

That could be quite interesting.  I am hoping to do a lot of experimentation in the second half of this year.  Have to get through a bunch of work first!

And I guess I can make it official.  I will be at Reapercon this year!  Yes indeed!  It does not conflict with Adepticon, so the good folks from out west have decreed that I should come out there ind infect them with my madness!

Further details to come!

Two by two, covered in goo

Well, the team continues to grow.  At this point, a decent number of Rotters and all the Pestigors completed.

As I have mentioned, the Rotters were done of various races... in pairs.  So we start with the beastmen,

Then some rats

And some squats.

The Pestigors

And the merry men as they stood the other day.

I have the companion lizardman Rotter finished, so pics of that next...

The Nurgle Warriors and coaching staff should interest you as well!

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