Friday, January 24, 2014

Another blast from the past

Here is a miniature I have painted a few times.  It was very fun.  Painting it now, knowing all that I have learned since, was very cool!

I have learned so much about fun color transitions, like these.  Balancing warm and cool versions of the same color, and so on.  I did that with the suit and the armor pieces.  Reflected light is always a blast.

She is also here:

Disco Stu has a 'date'

Here's a figure that I had been saving for Zombicide... a girlfriend for Disco Stu!  You all remember the intrepid hero of the hood!

This nice lady also has some Benjamins to spend.  I believe this is a REAPER Chronoscope figure?  Not quite sure.

Anyway... I put this one up on ebay, and she was snapped up in less than an hour, otherwise there would be a link here.

Before she goes away, however, here are some images with Stu!