Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Upon this rock...

Since this seems to be group shot day, I thought you might like these!

Here's a collection of figures that are all part of the same project.

I just had to place these guys into the terrain pieces you saw me working on a while back.

However, bigger group shots are coming using some new larger Hangar 18 backdrops!

The action, or 'glory' shots, are something that I have tried to do more of recently.  Not only are they very fun, but it allows me to see the figures in an entirely different setting.

That can be helpful for many reasons.  You get to see how the overall composition and color choices which you have been making from a distance, but with an extra flavor that simple group shots don't provide.

The greyish backdrop which I will be using is going to be quite striking with all this snow!!!

I have some foam hills and rocks which I'm working on that will go along with these tree and rock stands.

So, keep an eye out for the Great Frozen Hordes!!!

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