Sunday, November 18, 2012

A converted Klaivex for the Archon

Interspersed with all the work on the bases and other stuff, I did a little bit here and there on the last piece of the Adepticon Incubus squad... the Klaivex.

Inspired by the pose of Lilith Hesperax, I found a leg and torso set from a Venom.  This was pretty similar to that pose.  I was also fortunate enough to discover a small sprue of beastman horns!  Very handy.

The rest  of the bits were various Wyche and Kabal warrior parts.

As I did with the other Incubi, I made plasticard a klaive.

Here is some early assembly, focusing on getting the arms to hold up the two handed weapon.  This is the most difficult part, as none of the arms from any of the sets really work well for this purpose.

After I made a back banner/trophy pole of plasticard, it was time to make a base.  I wanted to have her standing on a tilted piece of terrain, in this cas a buttress from a 40k terrain kit.

Here are a few images of the assembled figure with a bit of green stuff, such as the right shoulder pad.

And now for the whole squad!


  1. This looks awesome. But are you not worried that your sculpted bases are drawing to much attention instead on the figure on it? :)

    1. No worries at all :-) Right now, everything has the same grey and white colors scattered everywhere. The painted miniature will have high intensity colors, and a glowing sword. The base will be rusted metal, and fade out of view...

    2. Can't wait to see the results!

    3. I'm jazzed at the idea of seeing them primed! They are really a blinding array of crazy quilt colors right now, aren't they?

      I am glad that I remembered to take these WIP images, however. All too often I forget to do that, and regret it later!