Sunday, November 18, 2012

Trench warfare... sandbagging it

Another day, another base insert.  I needed to match the previous set of sandbags.  After finding the plasticard, I broke up some sculpey pieces and started glueing.

After attaching my plasticard, I carved a few wood planks from smaller baked sculpey pieces.

I tried to position the boards in an interesting way, but still allow for a big miniature to stand on it.

All the boards are now in place...

I grab the Apoxy sculpt, and sculpt some sandbags!!

First row in position.  After they set up for a bit, I used my tool to create a seam for each bag.

Additional rows are added, laying them out in a very similar way to placing bricks.  It is important to vary the placement, making the bags look like they are 'flexible', and not super rigid.

One more row!

This time, I put some bullet holes in the bags.


I tried to fill in all the potential gaps with Apoxy sculpt, so that it would be easier to make the casts.

Add some rocks...

Now for some sand spilling out of the holes!

More sand and gravel.

One more major detail.  I cut some polystryene tubing to match the shell casings on the floor of the trench.  They are placed on the feeder strip.

I may still add some larger shells, like mortar rounds, but all I have left to do it put some more green stuff on the ammo strip, and that's it!


  1. Here's what is possibly a silly question: what kind of sculpey do you use (and, for a second one, how do you bake it into the thin sheets like that)?


    1. Most of the time, I am using the regular white sculpey. This is the most basic form. This it not the super sculpey or sculpey III, which have various colors. Those are way more difficult to carve than white sculpey.

      I use a clay extruder (pasta maker)to make the thin sheets. It is placed on a ceramic tile for baking.

      All this info will be included on the upcoming basing DVD's for sure! :-)

  2. Fantastic! I'm totally looking forward to that DVD then!

    Thanks again!

    1. Yes, it will all be part of our kickstarter project, which is going to cover a whole host of topics!

  3. Even better! What's the time-frame like on that project?

    1. We have been working very hard for weeks working up proposals, goal, equipment needs, etc. Our first test films will be this week.

      The official start of this would probably be in December. It will all be detailed here in the blog before anything starts! Depending on participation, of course, there are a host of different topics to be covered. Basing, painting, terrain, etc. I think we have a chance to do something really unique here! :-)