Sunday, June 9, 2013

Making some spaced armor for your RAV 6 x 6

As promised, time to show you the images from the extra armor I made for the Secret Weapon tank.

Here are the supplies... plasticard and polystyrene tubing.

I wanted these to be magnetized.  My first step was to cut some tubing that would prop up the extra armor over the wheels.

With those rods measured and cut, I grabbed some reasonably thick plasticard to make the side skirts.

I measured them out, and drew my design on the plasticard.  This card was thin enough that I could use a scissors.  If it was any thicker, I would have gone with an exacto knife.

With the first side cut, I made a few templates out of it so that I could make more!!

The second piece.  In the next episode, I will show you how to build up the textures on these armor plates, as well as magnetize it.  Then some fun details!

This figure from the Raging Heroes kickstarter is going to be my tank commander!  Go check that out...


  1. Yay! Finally some realistic vehicles :)

    I just want to say I love Evergreen Scale Models stuff. Awaiting another part of the tutorial.

    1. Yes, their stuff never disappoints!!