Sunday, June 9, 2013

Another flesh tone video mini from Reaper

OK, folks!  Time for another flesh tone video.  This time it is oriented towards an African tone, using a Reaper Miniatures dancing girl.

As with all the flesh tones, it's about balancing warm and cool shades of a very narrow color band. Just a little tweak here and there make all the difference!

It seems like every game comes down to a "games of inches", but last night's contest certainly did.  I never saw so much 'debris' on the ice, and so many consistently crazy bounces of the puck.  It looked more like a superball.  If the puck hits some of those helmets and sticks, you might get a very different result...

Fortunately, hockey continues in the Windy City.  That is very good, given the lousy season the Sox are having!

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