Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Gods of War

Crocodile games have been making fantastic miniatures for many years.

There are a wide variety of sculpts, of humans, creatures and more.  

There are a number of different genres within the line as well.  The original War Gods of Aegyptus, as pictured here in the form of the chariot and runners.

There is also the new War Gods of Olympus, represented by the female figure with the shield.

Each sculpt is very consistent, and they are always very solid.  There are not a lot of multi part figures... or at least that is kept to a minimum.  If it does have a few pieces, it is split in easy to deal with parts.

The line is all metal, which does appeal to me.  Heck, I still have my large collection of metal files, and they need something to do!!

Oh yeah... almost forgot.  For those of us who still like "Ranks and Flanks" style games of movement trays and blocks of troops, one version still exists.  That would be found here at Crocodile Games.

It's certainly something that I'm looking forward to exploring myself, and hopefully that will play out on these pages, just like my Wild West Exodus journey!


  1. Nice one! Love the lady with the shield.

    1. Thanks! Mr. Fitzpatrick does a wonderful job of sculpting these!