Saturday, August 29, 2015

Turn on the Lights!

For quite a while now, I have been very interested to see what visual and game play impact the new boardwalk and streetlight sections would have.
As you know, these are made by Burn In Designs.

I was hoping that these longer sections would substantially increase the amount of boardwalk for us, thus allowing us to employ our house rule about increasing your movement rate if you begin and end your movement on them.
While these are not quite finished yet, I really needed to test out a few things.
I have more painting to do on the posts and lights themselves, and I am even considering putting some red glow on the boardwalks.

The other aspect I wanted to check out was how well would they work with the original shorter road sections, as well as the buildings.  Some of the buildings have boardwalks built into them, and others do not, such as the Funeral Parlor and the Smokehouse pictured here.
Depending on how you want your setup to look, it will ne necessary to mix both the long and short sections.  That was apparent right away.

When these are placed on the board, the light poles will be out in the street, as opposed to the way they are pictured.  Right now, this set up restricts where I can place buildings.
This was the only way that I could get them to fit in on the photo backdrops!

Now for some miniatures!  Wyatt is hoping that the new RJ powered lights will ease up the crime rate a bit!

I am hoping that a given figure can move from light pole to light pole, using them not only as intervening terrain, but also to make contact with them and Take Cover.

They are spaced close enough to each other that even the slower Lawmen should be able to do this.

Lest we forget, they also make your town look really nifty!!!!  I have another post coming which shows the lights set up with the entire town.
It really helps to carry the story of Wappelville advancing from a little boom town into something more substantial.  Stay tuned...


  1. Looking good! Next time i see you I will have to drop off the building riser kit. It fits under the buildings to raise them up to boardwalk height.

    1. That will be very cool! It will add a lot of visual impact. Oddly enough, I was thinking of making something like those after setting up the buildings with the new boardwalk sections :-)

  2. The red glow on the boardwalks will really sell the lights. Fantastic job as always james. I just love the use of tones and colors in the boards. Makes them so interesting to look at.

    1. Thanks! I have some more buildings coming down the pike, which I'm looking forward to!!!

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