Thursday, August 27, 2015

Getting Pumped Up

That is, with the new Burn In Designs rail pump car!

It's now available from the Burn In Designs site, along with a number of other railroad necessities!

There's even a set of rails to go with all these various elements.

No railroad is complete without one of these maintenance vehicles, and the Wappelville Railroad company is not going to be left behind!

Up next, some shots with miniatures for scale...

Here they are!  You can see that two figures fit very easily on the rail car.  We were able to fit four of them on during a game.

Legendary Wyatt has claimed this pump car as essential for keeping the Law on the rails as well!

Look out!  It seems that Geronimo has entered the fray!

I'm not sure that Lawbot stands much of a chance against that Spirit Beast!

They've got us surrounded, Wyatt!

Who will win this fight... Energy Beast, or Lawbot.  Only time will tell.

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