Sunday, April 3, 2016

Dinos on Dragons!

This is something quite wonderful from Albino Raven miniatures.  This Wyvern figure amazed me from the moment I saw it on the website.  Even then, I imagined it as a possible Rhinosaur mount for my Kings of War Salamander army.

Obviously, the rider is a cold one cavalry saurus.  It shocked me at how well it fit, and how easy he was to convert!

I primed both figures an off white to illustrate just how well they do mesh.  Four of these will comprise my heavy cavalry Rhinosaur unit.

Since the theme for the Salamanders is the "Army of Ash", I wanted to have as many fire breathing dragons as possible.  The army already has Fire Drakes and Ember sprites, and this seemed to be the icing on the very hot cake!!

The positions of the wings should make it pretty easy to fit all four of them on the movement tray.

The original Wyvern figure has an orc rider.  Check out the website to see the original version...

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  1. I just picked up 3 of these myself to use as Drakon Riders for my elves for Kings of War. Did you ever get around to painting them? I'd love to see you take on his sculpt. It's such a fun creature :) and your work is so damn good!