Saturday, April 2, 2016

Size does matter

The large and the small!  A King Tiger and a Renault AMR side by side.  The AMR probably weighs less than the turret on the Tiger. :-)

The Colossus of the West, circa 1939, and the Beast of the East, 5 years later.

Sooo tiny...

It takes a village to take down a Tiger.  That is, unless you have a Firefly.

Much more to come, with some infantry stands soon!  Stay tuned.


  1. Replies
    1. Many thanks! I have enjoyed these so much, and the artillery / infantry stands as well.

  2. Lovely work Wappellious ;)

    I have been trying to find your contact info in your blog but I was not able to do it! I am Rubén Torregrosa (aka "HeresyBrush")and I would like to comment you something about a project with the PaintingWar books people ;) Could we discuss it by e-mail? :)