Saturday, May 23, 2015

Tread heads

I thought that some group shots combining the heavy vehicles with some elites and HQ minis might be fun.

Once again, it was impressed upon me just how huge the Armored Conveyor was as it towered over the Myrmidons and even the Altar.

This is some serious firepower, and I'm sure it makes for an interesting view on the table.

There are a few more colossal pieces that will be joining this force, including that insane quad tread ray gun which is now being shown by the Forgeworld folks at various shows.


  1. Superb. Loving the "old school" bright colour scheme on everything. That red is so vibrant.

  2. Very cool! And you are getting an Ordinatus?!?!?! NICE!

    1. Many thanks for the kind words! I do believe one of those will be coming this way. That is going to be quite epic, to say the least ;-)