Saturday, May 23, 2015

A touch of powder

The Pink Flamingo nears its completion!!

I happened to see a piece of sprue in one of my containers of basing materials, and thought that it might be fun to do some RJ-1027 conduit reaching up to the marquis.

So, I cut a few pieces and fixed them to the side of the building.

I put a little bit of paint on the sprue, including a few glowing dots of orange.  The metal color was also carried up through the sign itself.

Then it was time for the final touches, the Secret Weapon Powders!

Most of the time, I was working with a mixture of the black and brown pigments.

Along the ground edge of the building, I darkened the corners, but went back with a mix of the brown and light tan.  The idea was to show some dust being kicked up around that lower level.

The upper floors would be just as important.  While this is supposed to be a brightly painted, garish structure, weathering would take place.  I also wanted to keep it in line with the other buildings that I had done.

The roof looks a lot more like all the previous buildings, and the walls and posters don't look like they had just been painted or tacked on five minutes ago!

As before, I used a can of compressed air (like those you would use for cleaning a computer) to shape the dirt and dust patterns,,, or for just getting rid of excess pigments.  I was reminded of why I do this when I blew onto one area, only to have the loose pigment kick up into my eyes. 

Yes, don't try that at home kiddies.

I will take some exterior shots of the finished building while I try and get some furniture ready for the interior!  Stay tuned...


  1. Amazing job, love the details and the colors...

    1. Thanks!! I can't wait to see this on the table with the rest of Wappelville! :-)

  2. Outstanding! I thought your slaughterhouse was the best I'd ever see, but this building looks even better!
    A feast for the eyes.

    1. Thanks for the kind words! Lathan is sending me some incredible new projects, all developed from our combined evil genius ;-)