Friday, April 17, 2015

Spread the word about Burn In Designs!

The dead seem to have risen... only in Wappelville!

Yes, the Preacher and his lovely wife are alive and well once again in town.  They are here for the official unveiling of the completed church!

I have been very eager to see the Church get its final coats of paint, along with some weathering.

As most of you already know, I had glued some cereal box shingles on the roof for some added texture/

I have surrounded the magnificent Church with a variety of Burn In Designs terrain.  Boardwalks, the Jail, the small gallows, the wagon, and even the Train Station!

You can see that it is scaled to work with all kind of figures.  Here we have a variety of Wild West Exodus, Reaper, and Deadlands figures.

The building is designed to have lots of sight lines, and the windows are a perfect height for figures to see out into the street.

The feared Lawmen still control the streets...

Hopefully lots of new followers are going to be arriving via the Wappelville Express.  The Church is certainly ready to receive visitors now.

The view from above shows that it has a nice footprint, and will block line of sight very well.  You can check out some of our latest Wild West Exodus battle reports to see this in action:

When you assemble yours, you can also leave the steeple roof unattached and place a floor inside, so that you can place some sharpshooters up there.

I forgot to take some interior photos.  There is a lot of nice texture inside.

Here's a post showing the painting process:

So, another iconic structure takes its proper place in the growing metropolis of Wappeville!!

Get yours from Burn In Designs now!!!


  1. Great work as always! I have laser cut shingle sets that I will have to send your way. They are a major time saver when it comes to doing roofs.

  2. Great series of pictures of your work...but not a single link to the seller/manufacturer/maker of the terrain!

    1. Ask and you shall receive -

    2. Thanks! I have a ton of links to Lathan's work on all the other posts that I have made of his terrain... dozens of them :-)