Sunday, February 22, 2015

Raise the roof... get me to the church on time.

To get the new Burn in Designs church ready for Adepticon was going to require paint and cereal.  Well... at least cereal boxes.

To finish off the roof and give a little extra texture, I chopped up a cereal box to make a few quick shingles.  I also made some stones for the bottom foundation.

Time to break out the craft paints and some airbrush colors, as they already have that thinner, easy flowing consistency you have heard me mention before.

A few colors arrayed on the palette.  I wanted to have some warmer and cooler shades to work with, as well as lighter and darker colors.

To work quickly on the surface of the roof, I made a number of color mixes in advance on the palette.  I do this all the time for my regular minis :-)

You can see this play out on the surface.  I put down some of the darkest colors along the edges, and then went back in with lighter tans and grays, even allowing them to mix right there on the shingles.

These are early layers, which are meant to cover the heavy texture.  Subsequent layers will be lighter, with even more varieties of shades, including more greenish colors in places.

This looks like it is just black, but there is already some tans, reds, grays, and other colors that I can build upon moving forward.

The same process was done on the main roof.

The inner section of the roof was fun, as it had some neat rafters!

Working quickly with the larger brushes, I was able to blend a cooler grey brown mix into a yellowish tan.  Again, this is just a base.  Hence Shaded Basecoat!

Yes, even on buildings. :-)  More to come!!!


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    1. Thanks! I have tons of stuff that I want to add to the exterior, and some stuff inside as well :-)

  2. Hi!
    My comment doesn't really fit in here but I have a question to the use of Secret Weapon washes.
    My question belongs to your thread from 17.02.15 "as darkness falls", where you painted some really big bases.
    You answered a comment: „I tend to mix the two (Vallejo Washes and Secret Weapon Washes) together... it makes the secret weapon washes less shiny.”
    The Secret Weapon washes are shiny?
    They can be seen on nearly every picture of your (great!!!) Basing-Projects .
    But there is no shine on your bases.
    How do you avoid that shine normally when you are not mixing them with the Vallejo washes?
    I have been thinking about buying some Secret Weapon washes, because I really like the results you achieve with them. But of course I would not want them to shine!
    I would be grateful to you for any tip!
    I know, you have been writing about that, but I can't find it anymore.
    Thank you for inspiring me every day anew.

    1. I mix those washes together almost all the time, for a variety of reasons. I also mix the washes with my regular paints. I don't use them in the "classic" sense of applying generic washes over entire surfaces.

      Instead, it's all very targeted. If you search glazing on the blog, you will find dozens of articles on the various things I do in that process :-)

  3. Hi!
    Thank you for the answer and the "search for glazing"-tip.
    On weekend I take my time and a cup of tea and have a good an inspiring time in reading all that stuff (it's really a lot of information ;o) ).

    1. Yes indeed, it will be an information blitz! I also have a series of videos (53 in fact) of all my various painting techniques. Shaded Basecoat ad Glazing are the keystone techniques to all of them :-)