Saturday, February 28, 2015

Rally round the flag!!!

Huzzah!  I have been looking forward to making a few banner bearers for the Napoleanics!

In the end, I printed the banners so that they would be the correct size, and not be shiny!  The banners that came in the box were very stiff on shiny stock.  I printed them on a more flexible stock, so that they could be shaped a bit.

I used weathering powders to shade it, and painted around the edges to hide any cut lines, etc.


  1. Its lile 30tieh or so ? and i still cant stop looking at them. The horsies <3

    I think i will try out of the box standards with mine first.. did you try to use coat of matt finish or went straight to printing your own ?

    1. There's 27 of them :-) I went straight to printing out my own, because I knew exactly what I would be working with. It's the method I use for banners that I am not going to be painting myself...