Sunday, March 1, 2015

Finishing Unfinished Business!!!

Here we go folks!!!!  It's almost here!!!

The Wild West Exodus kickstarter begins.... 10 am Chicago time.

As you have seen over the last few days, four new factions on the way, along with new units for existing factions!

Each one of the new posses presents new game play options, and lots of fun painting as well.

I am certainly looking forward to all four of them!

Where possible, I will be doing some step by step articles on the blog showing how I paint them...

During the run of the kickstarter, I will be showing other new units that will be joining the game.  Zombie queens, mercenaries, new Dark Council figures and more!!

There are some really nice stretch goals, so hopefully we will hit a good chunk of them.

Check it out here!!!


  1. Sigh, there's too many good KS' s this month.
    But your work really makes me want to pledge for this one, ....
    Tough decision

    1. I guess there is a lot of stuff going on this month... I didn't know about RH doing one....