Sunday, July 7, 2013

Hiding in plain sight... part one.

Now that the first part of the camouflage set is complete, I wanted to post a few WIP images of the base.  The miniatures are what is being shown on film, but the bases relate to them in a critical way.  That's why I have been showing the steps I used to create them here.

This is the basic shaded basecoat technique to prepare the bases for glazing and shading.  Nothing fancy, just some light tans... some more yellow, others a bit more greyish.

Using Secret Weapon Dark sepia, concrete soft body black and armor wash, I darkened my shadow areas and made more interesting color patterns.

Once everything was considered to be at the level I wanted, I did some work in the middle tones, bringing in more cooler colors... essentially tan mixed with some light seafoam green.

Here are some shots of the painted mini before he was attached to the base.
The finished product will go up tonight!!  Stay tuned...

Trunko and Jeero had a new buddy to share their ride with on the great journey up north...


  1. Those look awesome! What is that figure? Very cool.

    1. Thanks! It is a Viridian marine from Urban Mammoth.