Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?

OK!  The wolf mini for the "Painting Fur" video is complete.  It's always fun to paint critters!

I used several Secret Weapon washes in combination with some Vallejo glazes, with very fun results.  

I was putting down glazes, and then wiping away parts of them with either a clean brush or some tissue, just like my old watercolor days!  I really enjoy that. :-)  I had a blast mixing in greens and even purples onto this figure...

This is a wolf from Gamezone, normally used for goblin wolf riders.  

It worked very well for this video, which made me happy!!


  1. Replies
    1. I hope that you have fun with them, and that it is not too stressful to learn the new techniques :-)

  2. Here I am quietly sculpting my evil little 15MM Tech Gobs on Whargs...and you post this wonderful Big Bad Wolf!

  3. Nice , I think I'll refer back to this, when my EotD Lycaon faction arrives...

    1. There are more pics of these wolves in the Gamezone section...

  4. Is there a vid? I would like to see how you did that.

  5. Yes indeed! The video is called Painting Fur, and it is part of the Painting Pyramid video series. This is one of the figures used in the video.

    You can find them on Kings Hobbies and Games.com, as well as directly from me.