Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Painting the base set for Abbadon and Loki

These Primarch sets from Forgeworld have some very interesting stuff going on with the bases.  Each one seems to be more 'interlocking' than the next.

Figuring out how all these bases were supposed to go together was much like making a puzzle.  They have to slide into the slots, which means you can't have any sort of basing material around that back edge.

Also, the main base section is much smaller than the giant flying base.  I filled in that area with oxide paste, some sculpey pieces, skulls from Secret Weapon, and even some razor wire!

Here are a few pictures of the base as it was yesterday morning.  I had done lots of dark glazing and tinting with many washes from Vallejo and Secret Weapon in combination.  The rust and corrosion was also applied.

My next stage will be to add some middle tones and then the final highlights

There are some parts of this where I will be using powdered pigments, since I think this could be a perfect laboratory for the effects I want.

This image shows those separate base elements...

And, finally, to a blog that frequently shows links to my own blog posts.  They peruse the blogosphere each week, and post "Gems of the Week".  This can be painted minis, sculpts, terrain, and so on... even tutorials.

They have been kind enough to feature something from my blog almost every week, bit every so often I get the main picture, as happened this week with the Raging Heroes Dark Elf!


  1. Replies
    1. I am itching to finish off these bases so that I can get to the minis!

  2. you know you could have done a printscreen? use PrtSc / SysRq button above your directional keys, than paste to paint :)

    1. That's what I used to do, but it does not allow me to do that on this machine. I loved that trick!!!