Saturday, May 11, 2013

Riding into town in style...

Here is the most recent offering from Raging Heroes.  The amazing Brunhilde on horseback!

This is one of the set ups for the figure, with the helmet and shield.  It all goes together very well for a nice hunk of metal. Everything is very solid, and it fits nicely on a standard cavalry base (a post later tonight on those bases!).

All of the details are finely rendered, which is the norm for Raging Heroes.  Obviously, a nice dynamic pose!

These will be among the figures used for the Painting NMM Videos... Gold, Bronze, Copper, etc.

Not to forget the other way you can have your Brunhilde, we have the banner bearer version.  Very nice!  The joint where the banner meets the figure is great to a long pin, which means that it will be very stable.  You can see I used one of the other head options, of which there are four, I believe.

So, I am going to have some serious fun painting these!  I already painted the foot version:

Now you know why I chose this for the gold NMM. :-)

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