Saturday, May 11, 2013

A base to stand on

Here are the two bases for the Brunhildes on horseback.  These were made with my usual carved sculpey technique.  This is also be the subject of a Kickstarter Video :-)

My first layer was a very simple brown, using that craft paint you have been watching me use in recent weeks.  I then took some of the GW 'dry' paints and started to mix those in, utilizing a bit of drybrushing...

More drybrushing, making sure to vary the hues from greens to reddish yellows.  I also marked out which of the tile pattern would be white.

Now for some actual color!  Continuing with the same Empire-esque color theme I have been using all along, I made some red accent tiles.

I did a little bit of lighter shading on the tiles... the red in particular.  I mixed in some vomit brown to do that.

My favorite part... doing the glazing and shading!  I put a few sepia tones, a black, and a concrete from Secret Weapon.

Using my beat up liner brushes, I carefully placed selective glazes on certain areas to darken them.  Don't be afraid to wipe away excess wash/glaze with your finger or a paper towel.  It can create a very nice random staining effect!

I didn't try to go for my darkest darks the first time around.  I did 2-4 layers of glazing where I needed things to be darkest.  You can see that I started to add a few cracks as well.

Now you can really see the cracks, as I did some subtle highlighting on them.

I will add static grass and other flock once the minis have been attached.  I hate it when the sculpey dust that I am drilling out for the pins gets caught in the static grass!!


  1. They look awesome! From the first couple pictures it doesn't look like they'd ever amount to the final result. I really wish I would have found your work before your kickstarter ended!

    How do you go about making your glazes? Do you just thin down pre-existing washes from GW or Secret Weapon with a glazing medium?

    1. Not to worry! The KS was just the beginning. Once that is all finished, then they will be available for everyone to get!

      There are many different glazing step by steps, and a whole bunch of basing exercises. :-) I do all sorts of stuff for glazes. Sometimes they are right out of the GW jars. I also use Vallejo, SW, reaper and other glazes. Sometimes I make my own by thinning paint. I often mix glazes together.

      Being a watercolor/pastel artist by trade, I tend to do a lot of unusual things with miniature paint!

  2. Superb bases and a very helpful tutorial. Thanks!!

  3. Great paint job. Love the tiles.