Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Playing around with colors again

Now that we have a handful of the spiders, the color variations are more apparent.

On this spider, the main set of opposing colors was tan/yellow and purple.  The purple was used as the shading color so that it would 'grey down' the brighter yellowish tone enough to keep it in the same limited color set as the previous spiders.

This one is a little more 'visible' than the others, but not excessively so.  The colors are cool enough next to the lava so that the reflected light is still much brighter, creating the glow effect.  Using the fluorescent paints in the lava also helps to generate this circumstance.

The purple was a warmer shade, with much more red in it.  This kept the mixes from potentially turning green, or being too dull.

The next few spiders have the hard carapice, like the one on the right.  I will continue to vary the colors on this type as well.  All this color theory exercise is very helpful to dream up more helpful hints on the videos that emphasize expanding the range of one color... such as reds, or blues, or greens...

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