Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Itsy bitsy spider...

Time for some more spiders!  Trying out more of the Badger paints this time.  They definitely combine OK with standard paints.

It's interesting to try and get slightly different color feel on each spider, but keep them to as limited a palette as possible.  I am trying to keep all of the minis in this army to the same limitations... even the Morgul Knights.

I am looking forward to painting the Knights with the OSL of the lava reflections.

Here are some of the additional bases for the next couple of spiders.


  1. Great minis! The lave seems to... light up. Did you use any special techniques to become that effect?

    1. Thanks! There is at least one step by step that I did a while back in the LOTR section on the first spider and its base. It might be in basing, but I would look in the LOTR atchive first :-)