Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Weathering the Storm: The final weathering of the Storm Eagle

OK, bear with me on this post.  Something is wrong with photobucket, as it won't let me upload anything.  It is not the first time, but the timing is very bad, since I promised you all this post tonight!

We'll see how this works.

So , at this stage in the painting, I had set up everything for my weathering powders.  They can be very tricky to use.  They are also very messy and toxic, as they are essentially pastel dust.  As a pastel painter, I know only too well how transient they can be, and nasty on the eyes and lungs!

I have learned that you have to do the application in stages.  And keep lots of rags and paper towels on hand!

A few images showing the initial layers, applied with a bigger brush...

You can also see that I added the imagery on those two sections towards the front of the hull.
I had three shades of powder... a rust color, brown and soot black.  I love to mix them together.  The black and brown go very well in a mixture.

I made sure to get some rust on the landing gear, as well as the exposed engine cowlings in the back.  My primary goal was to make as many streaks as I could on various surfaces, primarily any kind of wing.

Having the darker streaks go in front of painted icons and designs really lends a sense of realism, making them not look like something pasted on...

It was also important to add scorch marks on areas like the missile launchers and engines.  You can see some of that on the vertical thrusters as well near the front of the hull.

This images really emphasises that concept.  I have the usual streak marks on the wings, but some lascannon scorching as well.

This top view should really show all the streak marks on the ventral surfaces.  You can also see some rust added near the glowing conduits.  This warm color addition was meant to enhance the glow of the conduits.