Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Wraith World

One of the things I try to do with my tutorials is to keep them as close to "real life" as possible.  That means taking commission projects and turning them into videos!

In this case, I had to match this color scheme, which was going to be a major challenge, because that painter uses a VERY different technique than I do.  You can see that it is mostly edge highlighting and using metallic paints, which I was not going to be able to use myself.

So, using the typical set of Reaper liner and clear paints, I set down to work.

As always, I started with my initial glazes and Shaded Basecoat. The idea here is to get the lights and darks into position as quickly as possible to put a "framework" in place, which I can build from with additional refinements later on.

Once those initial building block are established, I can move towards the all important mid tones and other details, such as weathering, etc.

You can see in these images that I was able to get the feel of the reference image, but still keep it more in line with my approach.  The key is that "messy" stage at the beginning when I am moving paint around rapidly.

I have done a few other blog posts as well on "reclamation projects", where I have to take figures painted by someone else and rescue them, since they were not painted in the manner requested.  I have also done a few videos on basing commission projects, because I felt like it would be helpful for people to know how they could get a very unique basing design and still be able to repeat it many times in rapid succession.

While anyone who has to paint entire armies for their own games needs to get them done in a minimal amount of time, it is especially important for a commission painter to be able to get projects out of the way as soon as possible.  Hopefully these videos that I am creating assist in that cause!

This video is one of many that I have done for the $5 pledge level, which are typically "On the Workbench" sessions.  Here is a peek at the video:  https://youtu.be/pdp9OlIgDu0

I am always churning out more tutorials, sometimes on very spontaneous subject matter such as this.  Signing up on the Patreon page for as little as $5 a month will provide you with access to these episodes which are designed to cast new light on certain topics: www.patreon.com/JamesWappel


  1. Outstanding work as always, they're amazing.

    1. Many thanks! I am making a tutorial on the last figure of the bunch, with some fun OSL! :-)