Friday, February 22, 2019

Chaos in Oils!

Something old and something new.  In oils. Here we have some old timey Chaos Nights which were painted with oils, which is relatively new for me.

It was really interesting to work on figures which are this old, utilizing a very new product such as the Mig Ammo Oilbrushers!  I had a lot of fun taking advantage of the extended drying times to be able to create various blends without having to rush around in a frenzy.

There are also a number of muted tones here, and being able to pull the oils from one area into another keeps things in line color wise.  All it takes to shift a color more towards the cool range is to slap a little blue or green, and mix it right into those wet oils!

At first I thought the oils would mostly work for painting historical figures such as my Bolt Action armies, but I have been so pleasantly surprised that they have worked for everything else as well, even figures with much brighter and saturated colors.

Here's a recent YouTube live session where I work with the Oilbrushers and traditional oils:


  1. How long before the oils dry? And any experience after the paint dries on how durable the finish is for handling? Are these for display only or going to be on the gaming table? I have considered breaking out my old artist oils on a miniature someday.

    1. The oils can take as little as several hours to dry or a few days. The finish is definitely playable, since all of my figures are for my armies for for my buyer's armies :-) The Stynrlez primer from Badger is the key. A nice solid primer that I apply in several layers, since I am doing some "preshading" with it.