Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Well Armed

The classic Confrontation figures continue with this  "Ogre" sized version.  This was a fairly large infantry style figure for that time period, and like many other miniatures from that line, the approach to posing and sculpting was quite different.

In 2002/2003, larger figures tended to be bulkier, mostly hunched over or with a stance that was more spread out.  I remember when I first saw these, and how the use of the Fimo material for sculpting had changed how you could approach a larger figure.

It was fun to get the chance to paint one of these at last!


  1. You have me buying new paints and trying things differently...damn you for that ;)

    1. Hehe... that may continue, because I keep trying new stuff... it never seems to end! :-)

    2. Yeah like those Greenstuff color changers, can't say I love them. Maybe at a larger scale....

    3. I will probably only use them for sci-fi things, especially terrain or big things like dragons.